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At Moya Living we provide our clients with an incredible opportunity to create a custom living environment so unique, so beautiful and more durable than anything the residential or hospitality industry has ever seen.

Moya Living has over two decades of craftsmanship and experience manufacturing high-end heavy gauge baked on powder coated steel casework and furniture.

Moya Living was created by Laguna Beach artist/designer Moya O’Neill who through parent company Genie Scientific Inc, has for decades, been designing and building some of the most innovative working interiors in the tech/lab industry.

Clients such as Apple, Oakley, Space X, Pfizer, Cleobella, Travis Mathew, and Tri Digital Group collaborate with Moya and her team to create interiors that have trem

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Walking into this Travis Mathew office on a Monday morning certainly would make it a little easier to get your week started. White powder coated metal desk with an inset glass top by Moya Living.
by Moya
Remember to be THANKFUL, not only this Thanksgiving weekend, but always!
by Moya