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At Moya Living we provide our clients with an incredible opportunity to create a custom living environment that is unique, durable and best yet unlike anything the residential and hospitality industry has ever seen!

Our powder coated metal cabinets, steel desks, laboratory hutch’s, pull out pantries and dresser drawers all represent the finest quality of design, manufacturing and installation on the market today.  Our designs are hypo-allergenic, innovative, bold and timeless. They are built like yesterday, in terms of their durability and classic nature, yet are designed for the innovative thinkers of tomorrow.

With over two decades of craftsmanship and experience, manufacturing high-end, heavy gauge, baked on powder coated, steel casework and furniture we

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Curating your kitchen with the right furniture is somewhat of an art form. Just like the landscaping of a home can take something that’s beautiful and make it exceptional, a kitchen craves foundational pieces to make it functional
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Fridge Photo Courtesy of CNet.com
Purchasing appliances for your kitchen can seem like a daunting task, they’re expensive, they’re essential, and there are quite a bit of choices out there. Here’s our guide to the top kitchen appliances that are worth the splu
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