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Designers home, multiple areas. Bath, kitchen, bar, office, and master suite
-Bath: Steel and brass stacked black box bath vanity
-Kitchen: Jet black powder coated steel kitchen cabinets with brass pulls
- Bar: One of a kind bar with revolver pulls
- Master Suite: Brass-inspired kitchenette, dresser, and bed frame


 - Loft kitchens: Modern simplicity Bentley blue steel cabinets
- Overlay doors and drawers free of hinges


 -Kitchen: 1932 Cottage with a vintage yet modern feel.
-Powder coated black and white cabinets paired with vintage tobacco farm wooden shelves


-Kitchen: Iconic upper west side 1890's apartment
-Classic white powder coated kitchen cabinets combined with custom engineered stainless steel plate cabinets.


- Kitchen: Classic white, powder coated steel, kitchen cabinets


- Beautiful blue steel kitchen cabinets


- Multiple areas: Kitchen, bath, bedroom, and living areas.
- Kitchen: custom gray and classic white powder steel cabinets -Includes a pull out pantry and flip up doors.


- Powder coated black and brass clothing racks


Tri-digital group

- Vibrant imperial red food photographers industrial kitchen


- Steel fabricated conference table with merchandising drawers and logo base
- Powder coated steel desk


-Steel, European-inspired aesthetic.
-Movable furniture in the kitchen. Take it, move it, transform it.



- Redefining the quintessential desk & conference table.