The Loft Collection


Modern, modular, and sustainable, The Loft Collection takes European function and combines it with modern industrial design to create custom and convertible pieces that transform and redefine your home. The Cart is available in lengths ranging from 36” to 72” and may be paired with a steel or butcher block top. The convenient drawer with inserts can be tailored to fit specific size and function. The Co-op Hutch is constructed from 18-gauge steel with power coated finishing. Because the kitchen is the most used space in our homes, homeowners, architects, and designers are constantly looking for ways to marry function and beauty. Choose from a variety of colors, counter tops, window inserts, and hardware with the Hutch. This design also offers a removable center allowing for the upper cabinets to detach from the drawers below. This evolution in design honors the growth and evolution in your own home and life. Our third addition to the line, The Rocker allows for the same customizable convince in your kitchen. After a showroom request and numerous inquiries, we we are now offering the kitchen cart in multiple sizes ranging from 36"-72" inches wide. Call today for a quote. Available in a vast array of colors.