Moya Living
We Blend Steal Beautifully



From 5x10 steel sheets bended, welded and powder coated, Moya Living designs are born. After decades spent in the laboratory design and manufacturing industry, via parent company Genie Scientific, founder and owner Moya O’Neill saw a void in the commercial and residential community of steel cabinetry. She began by outfitting her home, in Laguna Beach, soon after securing orders with the like of Oakley as well as in the iconic Dakota Building. Today, female-owned Moya Living works with architects and designers across the country. “I’ve wanted to do something creative and the creative energy was right in front of me” O’Neill shares. 

While steel is at the forefront of Moya Living’s manufacturing facility, materials like glass, wood, and several other varieties of material compliment her steel designs. Moya Living seeks out recycled materials— wood, cement and quartz tops, and steel— and values materials that are USA made. “The focus isn’t just on steel” O’Neill continues. “It’s what compliments the steel. We like to add the yin and the yang, as opposites attract.” 

Designing and manufacturing metal kitchen cabinetry right here in California is prompting a revitalization and renaissance of these materials that once were commonplace throughout the kitchen and home. Moya Living is building furniture that will last through your grandchildren generation, in terms of durability and aesthetically musing on the past while paying homage to the contemporary flare of the present and future. Our timeless designs are truly built to last a lifetime, with all the best quality materials. 

From commercial spaces and hospitality, to apartment buildings and hotels; we spec every detail, so that even the most minuscule things like decorative pulls can become the jewelry of cabinetry. Our cabinetry features soft close slides and hinges and we customize liners, pull-outs, and hardware to suite your needs. Our clients are architects and designers who recognize that both the designs and engineering are timeless, and we hope do you do as well. Designed + Manufactured in Southern California, USA. We bend steel…beautifully.