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Rated #1 on Steel Kitchen Cabinets by Retro Renovation

Palm Springs Life Features, April 2019


Moya Living will be showcasing our work at the upcoming West Edge Design Fair in October 2019


I loved the lines and functionality of my old kitchen, and my new kitchen is the same, just an updated version of it. The cabinets are the same clean style, color, material, but larger, taller, leaner, and utterly more functional! I do have my justifications, my reasons for going with steel as opposed to anything else, but ultimately, it is the brilliant look and exceptional functionality that makes me want to come home and cook! 
— Melita Lykiardopoulou, Client, Moya Living Kitchen

Cabinetry Coup: Meet Moya O’Neill of Moya Living, Whose Steel Designs are Causing a Stir
— Snyder Diamond


“KBC is the first showroom in the country to showcase Moya Living. Moya Living is building furniture that will last through your grandchildren’s generation, due to its durability and aesthetic— musing on the past while paying homage to the contemporary flare of the present and future.”

KBC by Benjamin Sullivan

"Conversely, Moya Living steel cabinetry and furniture is welded and does not use formaldehyde-laden glues, enabling clean indoor air quality."

Hotel Business Magazine, August, 2016


"Taking quirky to the next level, this is a California mansion with the soul of an abstract artist.”

The Today Show, april 22, 2016

"Moya Living is changing the story on steel’s relevance for home and hospitality use by creating beautiful, make-to-order pieces for kitchen and bath that unite function with expert craftsmanship and innovative designs to suit aesthetics ranging from relaxed to refined."

Beverly Hills Magazine, August 31, 2016

Moya Living was featured as one of 16 Kitchen Cabinet Options to improve on design and functionality. Showcasing Moya Living's talent in Glass Front Cabinetry.

Cabinet design, june 23, 2016


Laguna Beach Magazine, July 03, 2015

"What we find so special about this english manor style home is the interiors. The owner put quite a lot of thought and effort behind the design and the outcome is beautiful. It’s an ecclectic mix of color, texture and finishes. The creativy spreads across virtually every space in every room."

Open House TV, May 9th 2016 

"Like telling an artist to paint with wild abandon, a designer will freely renovate her own home with her style, background and instincts. Elvira Kud, the owner of Beverly Hills, Calif.-based Style Life Décor, did just this with a complete redesign of her own home in Newport Beach, Calif.”

Kitchen bath & business, july 8th, 2016

"Dramatic Modernist details, warm materials and cool finishes transform a Colorado mountain home from rustic to retro chic."

Moutain Living, January 2015

"Made in the U.S.A., "The Loft Collection" by Moya Living Introduces Modern, Modular, and Modifiable Cabinetry and Furniture That Are Sustainable, Durable and Non-Toxic"

Marketwired, june 28th 2016