Travis Matthew

The corporate sales office of a golf apparel company features a custom designed and fabricated conference table.


Tri-Digital Group

A vibrant and industrial kitchen, designed for food photographers. 


Anthill Shopnplay

Custom made clothing racks in black and brass for ANTILL, a concept store for the entire family that gives kids the ability to interact in their “Dress-up & Play area: while parents can shop with ease.


Palm Springs, California

As a second home, the owners wanted a clean and simple layout free of fuss while still acknowledging the mid-century vibe that has made Palm Springs, California so commended.


The Loft Collection

Modern, modular, and sustainable, The Loft Collection takes European function and combines it with modern industrial design to create custom and convertible pieces that transform and redefine your home.


Newport Beach, California

Elvira Kudryashova of Style Life Decor discovered Moya Living through KE Design Studio. Kudryashova was in search of something bold and original, so we began with her kitchen and continued our collaboration with seven other designs throughout her home.